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Narflex 02-14-2011 12:10 PM

CALL TO ACTION-Net Neutrality

Congress is getting ready to decide if we will have any Net Neutrality rules at all. If the proposed bill passes it will not only repeal the FCC's current rules, but also prevent the FCC from making any net neutrality rules in the future. Without government-backed Net Neutrality rules ISPs will be free to pick and choose which websites work and which websites don't.

The Internet Strikes Back is a day - February 17th - where we are asking the Internet to call your Representative and tell them how important Net Neutrality is.

Go to to find out more, get a button for your website, and even sign up to participate in advance. If you sign up in advance, you will get a text message on the 17th that will automatically connect you with your Representative.


The actual bill moving through Congress is happening pursuant to the Congressional Review Act (CRA). The CRA allows Congress to overturn regulations passed by federal agencies. In this case, the bill would overturn the FCC's recently announced Net Neutrality regulations.
Importantly, the CRA does not just overturn the existing regulations. It also prevents an agency from passing future regulations on the same topic (basically so an agency can't just change a word and re-issue the regulations).

The result of this is that, if the CRA passes, there will be no Net Neutrality rules today or in the future. Regardless of what you think about the FCC's current rules, if you think that there is a place for government backed Net Neutrality rules at all this should concern you.

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