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alisonnic 01-09-2012 04:17 PM

Switching from Dish to cable: how do I tell the USB-UIRT?
I have a Hauppage HD-PVR rev E1 (model 1212, I believe), and a USB-UIRT, both of which I bought in 2009.

The devices are attached to a Windows XP Pro SP3 computer running the SageTV 6 server software. I use a Windows 7 computer running the SageTV 6 client to watch recorded shows in another room.

The combination has been working well for over a year now, but getting everything to do so was such an extended nightmare that I have been reluctant to change anything.

However, my landlady decided to switch from DishTV to cable, so I have had to replace the DishTV VIP211k with a Scientific Atlanta Explorer 4250HDC.

I believe that now I have to reprogram the USB-UIRT to send appropriate signals to the 4250 to switch channels for recording. (I'm not using the USB-UIRT to receive signals from my remotes; this was something that I was never able to get working.)

How do I tell the USB-UIRT to send the appropriate signals to the 4250 to switch channels?

I admit I'm lost. The whole process of setting up the system was so frustrating and took so many months that by the end I wasn't taking my usual detailed notes.

I did the original setup nearly three years ago, and I just can't remember where the device name for the receiver is entered. One of these, I'm sure, but I can't find it:
  • In the USB-UIRT driver software? No shortcut to a UI program in the driver folder or in my Start menu programs.
  • In ArcSoft Total Media Extreme? Can't find anything there which references the USB-UIRT at all.
  • In SageTV 6? I found two references to the USB-UIRT: the page where I can (try and fail) to capture signals from remotes, and the page in Channel Setup where I can choose Tuner Control. The latter gives me two choices under USB-UIRT Transceiver: DishVIP or MotorolaDCT2000. How do I add the new 4250 to this list?
Help! Any suggestions - or a pointer to documentation or forum post about how to change the target device for a USB-UIRT - would be extremely appreciated.

Update: Wait. Do I have to manually teach the USB-UIRT each signal that I want SageTV to be able to transmit? Like 1-9 and 0 for channels, and anything else, like Power On and Power Off? HD Zoom?

alisonnic 01-09-2012 05:45 PM

Got it. Had to run SageTV's Config Wizard, tell it that I wanted to add a new recording source, then add a new tuner control, then use the SciAtl's remote to program keys 0-9.

Sorry to bother you, folks!

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