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Edd.Dantes 06-12-2009 04:23 PM

IRServer [irtranstray] No IRTrans Device Found ?

Last night, my remote [USB-UIRT / IRServer] just stopped working. I plugged in a USB [External drive]... that is all I can think of that may have caused the issue. I switched USB ports [for UIRT device] and windows sees it just fine.

The device is still recognized and firmware is up to date.

The IRServer blinking "icon" in the systray is no longer blinking when buttons are pressed.

When I reboot, it starts normally but then gives me this message : IRServer Version 6.02.12; No IRTrans Device Found. Aborting ... "

I'm using a Logitech Harmony remote. I have had this HTPC running for 2+ years now with minimal issues. This has completely shut me down. Luckily, I have the system hooked up to my KVM, so I can still watch things... controlled via my KVM. I have to get this fixed ASAP though. Without a remote, I am basically dead in the water.

So, if the USB-UIRT seems to be fine, I stress "seems", then why is the IRServer not seeing it [acknowleged by blinking] ???

Any help/advice is greatly appreciated !!!

scat 06-17-2009 07:45 AM

I would go into Device Manager and look under
Universal Serial Bus controllers and find
IRTrans USB, then right click on that and choose properties and see if says: This device is working properly

If it is not I would shut off the computer and open the case to see if the connection from the IRTrans hardware to the motherboard is OK.

If it was plugged in OK then if you have another interior usb connector try moving the IRTrans from the original usb connector to another one.

Hope that works for you

Edd.Dantes 06-25-2009 09:36 PM


I checked all those things right off the bat.

Everything was fine.

In spite of these things, I ordered a new UIRT. The fella that makes them said the unit was probably bad.

Since I have been pulling my hair out, I just bought a new one.

It did nothing. So this means I have two fully functional units.

The problem must lie within the IRTrans software. When I plugged the new(er) unit in, IRTrans gives me an error stating "No USB device can be found"... Something to that effect.

This happens no matter what USB port I use.

The device LED flashes just fine and is likely 100% functional.

This seems to be completely software related.

Now I have run out of ideas. I have uninstalled IRTrans several times. I even tried the Vista drivers on my XP system. Nothing.

So now I need more options. Is there another software package that is fully compatible with SageTV and the UIRT ?

If not, how do I fix my current problem ?

I am at the point where I will pay someone to help me resolve this.

I am out of ideas and am having to control my TV and Cable Box separately... not to mention that I have to KVM SageTV. So this minor issue has put me in the stone age.

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