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MeInMaui 06-07-2010 03:26 AM

SageMC v7.0.1 pre-release 1
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Warning: Pre-release versions should be considered experimental and may contain significant bugs.

This pre-release is temporary until an official SageMC release can be added to the plug-in repository.


* Fixed left-as-back problem where the left menu could never be focused
* Fixed Video Library Genre display
* Fixed selection highlight in Music Library
* Fixed Disc Bar display


SageTV 7.0+ is required.

This assumes you are currently running the latest release of SageMC.

1. Unzip the attached SageMC archive into your SageTV folder, being sure to preserve the file structure.
2. In SageMC, go to Settings and select 'Load STV'.
3. Choose the new STV file and hit OK.

Edit: I forgot to update the version number in this update, so it still says 6.3.9b pre-release 24 in the settings menu. I'll fix this for the next update. Sorry.

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