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VCRUser 01-23-2021 09:20 PM

Hauppauge USB2 composite capture as tuner
I have one of these devices and have been using the native Hauppauge recording app to bring in video via this device. Sage 9 sees it as "Hauppauge Cx23100 Video Capture", and maps it to Channel 1, but is not seeing the video I play through the device (the Hauppauge native app sees it just fine).

I set it to "composite," which is correct, no guide data, no lineup, no tuning. I'm currently using the USB2 to digitize old VCR tapes via the Hauppauge app, and was hoping to try doing it through Sage, but so far no success.

mgpaulus 01-24-2021 06:25 PM

I'm not at all familiar with your setup, but...

I am quite familiar with taking external recordings (such as it sounds to me like you are making with the Hauppauge app) and "importing" them into Sagetv.

Basically, what I have right now is an Unraid box with an "ImportedVideo" folder/directory, and anytime I have an external video, I copy it to my Unraid box. Then, I can either wait for Sage to eventually scan the video and catalog it, or I can force a catalog of it. Then, once it's catalogued, it should show up in your "Video" menu, and then, I use the BMT web app to "recategorize" it as a "recording" and that moves the recording into my recordings menu, along with my other recordings. I have to do this sometimes if I need to replace a corrupted recording, or catch up on some series episodes that got missed, or even if I want to back-fill on a old series to see if it's worth watching (such as 8 seasons of Castle :-) )

Just mentioning it as an alternative in case you can't get your "new" way to work, you can definitely work with your "old" way.

VCRUser 01-25-2021 04:12 AM

Thanks - I don't have any problem copying imported videos into my Sage set up when I want to. Since I'm on Windows, I have my sage server on a network and its imported video folders are accessible to my other computers, so I just copy whatever I want (after whatever format-conversion and trimming I need to do) to an import folder, then use Sage Web Server to manually insert metadata. I do that with my PlayOn recordings too, which I also use for filling in corrupted or missed recordings.

One issue with the composite capture is that it makes enormous .ts files that I have to post-process with Handbrake to a reasonable-sized .mp4. I was thinking if I could pull them into Sage directly I could both set up a more compact recording format and skip some steps.

As for BMT, I set it up at one point, and couldn't figure out how to use it - the docs were completely opaque to me, which is unusual, since I consider myself pretty techy. Do you know of some start-up docs for BMT? The ones I found seem to start right in the middle of things, from what I remember, and I found the hand-editing of metadata via the web server much less trouble than making sense of BMT.

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