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MRY 07-28-2010 03:12 PM

Editing Media Import Directories
Does anyone know of a source where I can find detailed information about how to setup/configure where my HD200 looks for media files. I am using the HD200 with WHS. I have placed 300 plus DVD's in the default WHS video folder and these are showing up on the Sage menu. Since the amount of video data in the default folder is greater than what I can backup on a 2TB external drive I decided to make a second folder called Video2 in which to add more DVD's, thus allowing me to continue backup on a second drive. I have tried several methods of directing the HD200 to find the new folder but no luck. I have tried such variations as: //localhost/videos2, //server/videos2, etc. It is always pointing to a "C" drive not the server. I also have tried to delete all the "now bogus" directory entries but can't get rid of them. I can follow directions if I can find them?! The 12 page manual with the HD200 is very sad to say the least. All this babble boils down to two questions;
1. How to setup import directories (detailed instructions)
2. How to delete unwanted directory entries

Help is very much appreciated.

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