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mlcarson 10-23-2018 04:07 AM

SD EPG with multiple lineups
I've got an IPTV source which I've got mapped to a Dish Network Schedules Direct lineup. There are a couple of channels in it that this lineup doesn't have but are available in a Comcast Schedules Direct lineup. An example is Discovery Life Channel (DLC). This is SD ID 16125. I've got Schedules Direct setup with both lineups. SageTV lets me map the channel but I only get "No Data" for the channel in the guide. I thought this was because the source is mapped to a Schedules Direct lineup that doesn't have the channel. You can only have one lineup assigned per source, right? My assumption was that the map function would allow that limitation to be bypassed as long as the Schedules Direct lineup existed on some source that Sage used.

I just enabled it for the source that does have the Comcast lineup and it's not working there now either so maybe it has nothing to do with the source. Schedules Direct is giving me lineup data for that channel on Emby though so it exists on Schedules Direct.

Can Schedules Direct channels from different lineups be used on the same source?

Tiki 10-23-2018 05:49 AM

My understanding is that what you are doing should work.

How long are you waiting for the data to populate? I have found that when I add a new channel to a lineup, it sometimes takes at least 24 hours for the data to populate.

mlcarson 10-23-2018 10:21 AM

It's been a week or more since it's been active on the IPTV source. I added DLC to the Comcast source last night just to see if that would show the guide data but so far nothing. I thought enabling/disabling a channel triggered a guide update so there should be no delay.

mlcarson 10-23-2018 09:28 PM

The guide data finally showed up this evening after enabling the channel on Comcast (which is the proper source). I disabled it on the Comcast source and kept it enabled on the IPTV source and the existing guide data didn't go away. It still needs to be seen whether it'll grab any new data with the IPTV source which has Dish Network rather than Comcast as the default lineup.

24 hours after disabling the channel on the Comcast source the guide is showing "no data" again for this channel. So, this conclusively proves that you can only map to sources in which the channels that you are mapping to is enabled on the alternative source. This makes sense to me but means that I have to do things a bit differently than I originally thought. I'm basically using an IPTV source to add channels missing from my Comcast starter package that would be in the Preferred or Premier package. So even though I have a Schedules Direct lineup on my HDHomerun Prime source for Comcast, I can't map the channels from it that are not in my subscription because they are not enabled. The proper way of handling this for SageTV would be to make sure that I have as many connections for the IPTV source as I have Schedule Direct lineups required. In this case, I pay for 3 connections and have 2 lineups (Comcast and Dish). Each connection requires a separate IPTV source. The first IPTV source has the Comcast lineup assigned; the second IPTV source has the Dish lineup assigned; the third IPTV source will be a copy of the first IP source with Comcast. I have to manually map channels on the first source just as I originally did but these mappings will now show up in the guide because the channels are enabled on the second source. The second source will be mostly manual mappings for new channel numbers so that the guide will match with the first source (lots of work but it only has to be done once). As far as I can tell, this is the only way to do what I want in SageTV. Emby handles this situation much more elegantly by not tying a source to a specific lineup and even allows mixing of multiple Schedule Direct lineups and XMLTV lineups on a single source.

technazz 11-10-2018 10:00 PM

I replied to you PM but i see you somewhat got it working.

I have 3 unique lineups in SD (DISH,BELL and Sky UK) and i added over 200 channels manually to one line up. They all update correctly on one tuner.

What may help:

You may want to delete sdmd5prog and sdmd5prog in the SageTV directory. This may force a grab from SD.

Make sure you Disable and Enable a channel to force a refresh.

Added in a Dummy Tuner for each source and then just disable all channels and then enable and disable one channel to trigger a EPG refresh.


dinki 11-11-2018 03:37 PM

Looks like good timing as I'm trying to do something similar. I've subscribed to HD Homerun Premium channels. This allows OTT cable like channels mixed with my local OTA channels all in one lineup. I have these channels playing fine with OpenDCT.

The problem is that I have both OTA and OTT channels smashed together and I need to be able to map each to two separate EPG feeds. I have Schedules Direct and have the OTA lineup as well as the HDHR lineups in my SD account.

So what exactly do I need to do? Set up a tuner for OTA and a tuner for OTT EPGs and then I can somehow map the channels from both EPGs on my OpenDCT tuners?

technazz 11-11-2018 09:22 PM

Yes basically. You need to pick one lineup and manually add the others to that line up. You need to know the XMLTVID and the 'tuning' channel.

Go to Channel Setup -> Add Channel to Lineup -> Type in the Channel ID and Logical (guide number) and Physical (OPEN DTC tuning channel) . It should pick up the Channel name automatically.

If you don't know your Channel ID got to and add you zip or postal code and then preview the list. Don't add it just preview.


mlcarson 11-14-2018 03:29 PM

The issue is that the channels have to be enabled on a source to be used on another source. You can map them but will never get any data if the tuner that Schedules Direct is mapped to doesn't have the channel enabled.

Adding tuners with only the channels from that Schedules Direct source can result in SageTV seeing too many tuners for a source if not done correctly. You need at least as many tuners as you do sources.

So, here's where that would cause problems. Let's say that I have 4 SD sources but only one tuner that's IPTV. I can't setup one tuner and use all 4 sources. I'd have to setup 4 tuners each directly mapped to a unique SD source. This configuration would allow the system to try and record up to 4 things at the same time since 4 tuners would be available. A 5th tuner could map channels from any of the 4 SD sources without issue. HDHomerun premium has their own SD lineup so shouldn't pose a problem for anybody.

thomaszoo 11-17-2018 11:43 AM


Originally Posted by technazz (Post 617766)
Go to Channel Setup -> Add Channel to Lineup -> Type in the Channel ID and Logical (guide number) and Physical (OPEN DTC tuning channel) . It should pick up the Channel name automatically.


Thanks Chris. I just did this and it worked great! One of my two old HDHR Duals just started having problems but I recently bought a quatro that was only being used for the premium channels. Not it is available for OTA channels, too. I only added the major networks since I rarely record off any of the other OTA channels.


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