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gdrider77 11-23-2009 01:37 AM

How to uninstall?
So looked around and can't seem to find a way to uninstall placeshifter?

I installed placeshifter and also the sagetv client on my server. everything was working fine, but then i tried to install sageMC. It works fine on my server, but not my placeshifter. I uninstall placeshifter and deleted the user files, but still, when i reinstall placeshifter, it just seems to still find the old install, as it finds the ip info, and starts up with a blank screen.

Any way for a "real" clean uninstall?

GKusnick 11-23-2009 01:55 AM

Placeshifter config settings are stored on the server, not the client PC. Look in the Clients subdirectory of your server's SageTV install directory for a .properties file with the MAC address of your client. Delete that file to start over with default property settings.

gdrider77 11-23-2009 11:43 AM

that absolutely worked! Thanks man.

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