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rkulagow 10-06-2013 04:37 PM

Guide Data for Brazil
Schedules Direct provides guide data for users in the United States
and Canada. We may be able to provide high-quality data for users in
Brazil in the near future.

If you are in Brazil and are interested in being an alpha-tester for
guide data, then please let me know.

Slugger has already created a grabber, but any volunteers would need
to be willing to switch their grabber to his, and to risk periods of
downtime while we get the service configured to support users in

Schedules Direct guide data is feature-rich. A program will have a
consistent identifier, making it simple to determine if you've already
recorded a program. Other guide data techniques which generate
artificial identifiers may create a new ID if a description or
subtitle changes, even if it's still referring to the same program.
Programs will have Season and Episode information. Stations will
include logos where they are available.

During the alpha phase, you would not need to pay for data as we work
through issues in setting up support in Brazil. Once the system goes
live, then existing alpha testers would receive a year's worth of free

An example of what is available is:
"program": {
"tmsId": "EP016294910046",
"rootId": "9615996",
"seriesId": "355988",
"title": "Cocoricó na Cidade",
"titleLang": "pt-BR",
"shortDescription": "Com a turma da Fazenda Cocoricó você
se diverte e aprende sobre os animais e a natureza.",
"longDescription": "Com a turma da Fazenda Cocoricó você
se diverte e aprende sobre os animais e a natureza.",
"descriptionLang": "pt-BR",
"genres": ["Infantil"],
"origAirDate": "2012-12-27",
"preferredImage": {
"uri": "tvbanners/generic/generic_tvbanners_h5.png"
"episodeTitle": "Mauro Bom de Bola",
"entityType": "Episode"

Which was on channel 29 on the NET Piracicaba - Digital
(Piracicaba) system at
"startTime": "2013-10-03T06:30Z",
"endTime": "2013-10-03T06:45Z",
"duration": 15

If you're interested in becoming an alpha tester, please send email to

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