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DMZ 11-06-2008 04:37 AM

IR Blaster + HVR-1600 - Works then not.. Reboot Cures

I have been using SageTV and Placeshifter for maybe a year now and have I think finally narrowed down a wierd IR / tuning problem that has left me scratching my head about some scheduled recordings oddities.

Firstly, I run V6.4.8.184, JRE 1.6.0_07 on Windows XP.

SageTV is setup with 3 HVR-1600 inputs:

1. WinTV 418 Video Capture S-Video (Digital Cable Box)
2. WinTV 418 Video Capture TV Tuner (Cable)
3. WinTV 418 TS Capture Digital TV Tuner (Cable)

1 = Cable channels not able to view with input #2 (Cable box reliant)
2 = Cable channels that don't require the cable box
3 = no channels set since I can only get a few HD PBS stuff and such w/o a real antannae

To clarify, all (only) the 'high channels' go through input 1 and 'low channels' go through input 2. Hence channel lineup would/should use only input 2 for channel 32 and never from input 1 despite that it could tune to it if I added the lower channels to input 1.

Anyhow, all works great, tuning the cable box using the HVR-1600 included RX/TX IR blaster cable.

The problem arises when I use the guide to go between low (input 2) and high (input 1) channels.. The IR control of SageTV remains perfect BUT I loose the cable box tuning for some reason. Thus once the problem surfaces then I can only tune to low channels/input 2.

If I reboot all is well again until flipping between channels that flip between inputs 1 & 2. I have been able to cause the cable box tuning to go dead when trying but really have not done it enough to narrow down any more.

I've thought about removing all but input 1 but that would eliminate my ability to record and watch 2 different shows at the same time.

The box is a Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2000. I have dug up manuals and scoured the net for info about using an alternative cable box tuning cable (serial or something) but I've never seen any positive results about hard wiring to the box for tuning purposes.

Anyone with any experiences with this sort TX IR gong brain dead wierdness?

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