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nlaslett 05-04-2010 06:54 PM

IR Blaster + Composite input??

Anybody able to use a Hauppauge IR Blaster with Composite input under SageTV version 5?? I've used it for years when using the regular coax tuner input, but when I move to Composite input the "Tuner Control" option locks in with "N/A". My new Comcast digital cable box (RNG110) only has Composite, Component, and HDMI inputs.

I'm running the latest versions of everything from Hauppauge and the blaster is configured and working fine. It's just that SageTV v5 won't allow it when I'm on Composite video.

Can anybody else confirm this behavior? Can anybody confirm that it's NOT the case with SageTV v6?

(I took a look at v6 and really don't like the interface - too much clutter. Plus, I'll have to buy it anew since my current license is an ancient v3 license.)


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