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hvymetal 01-14-2022 10:21 PM

How to use
I have a SageTV Java programming question I can not seem to find a an solution. I am trying to update the XMLTV plugin to get it more up to the current standard. The original code is using which gets the guide from class that implements sage.EPGImportPlugin by defining the following function.

updateGuide(String aProviderId, EPGDBPublic aGuide)

How do use guide that is type EPGDBPublic with EPGDBPublic2 which is and interface that extends EPGDBPublic?

hvymetal 01-16-2022 10:58 PM

I will answer my own question for others

Just cast it. Found studying SageTV base code for good amount of time :bang: = (EPGDBPublic2) aGuide;

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