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wayne 07-11-2003 12:59 PM

BUG: Recursive Video/Library Directory set up crashes sage (
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When setting the video directory to, for example, "c:\media library\video\sage" and then setting the import directory to "c:\media library\video" the sage software runs correctly, but then on restart fails to load (error log attached).

Ive tried this in several circumstances and IF you set the video directory as a child folder within your library import directory it causes this error. Evidently this is because it sets up a recursive loop when loading the video file data on startup.

By deleting the "" file and zipping through the set up wizard the error is corrected until you reset the paths.

Workaround solution was to set the "import directory" as a peer or child of the "video directory" but never as the parent.

i.e. physically moving the video you want to import down a level to "c:\media library\video\import" or "c:\media library\video\sage\import"

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