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cactusbob 04-03-2008 02:16 AM

Editing frequency files
I wonder if anyone can help? I'm in the UK and I'm trying to get my channel lineup the way I want (I have about 200 channels via satellite). I have a .frq file named after my receiver card exactly the same as how it was when I scanned for channels within Sage:

FireDTV BDA Receiver DVBS2-0-DVB-S.frq

My channels are sorted and set out like this:


CH:101 onid:2 tsid:2050 sid:6903 frq:10847000 rate:22000 mod:20 pol:2 fec_rate_in:6 sat:0 ctrl:1 #:BBC-1-East-(W)
CH:102 onid:2 tsid:2045 sid:6302 frq:10773000 rate:22000 pol:1 fec_rate_in:6 sat:0 ctrl:1 #:BBC-2-England
CH:103 onid:2 tsid:2041 sid:10181 frq:10714250 rate:22000 mod:20 pol:1 fec_rate_in:6 sat:0 ctrl:1 #:ITV1-Anglia-W
CH:104 onid:2 tsid:2024 sid:9201 frq:12168000 rate:27500 mod:20 pol:2 fec_rate_in:2 sat:0 ctrl:1 #:Channel-4
CH:105 onid:2 tsid:2057 sid:7700 frq:10964250 rate:22000 mod:20 pol:1 fec_rate_in:6 sat:0 ctrl:1 #:Five
CH:106 onid:2 tsid:2027 sid:4705 frq:12226500 rate:27500 mod:20 pol:1 fec_rate_in:2 sat:0 ctrl:1 #:Sky-One
CH:107 onid:2 tsid:2027 sid:5104 frq:12226500 rate:27500 mod:20 pol:1 fec_rate_in:2 sat:0 ctrl:1 #:Sky-Two

I'm going to use XMLTV data to mapguide data to these channels. The problem I have is that my revised channel list isn't showing up in Sage. Are the channels stored somewhere else or am I missing something glaringly obvious?

krikkit 04-03-2008 05:20 AM

the .frq file does not define which channels you get in sage tv... the channel lineup you see is stored in and wiz.bin i think...

but to solve your problem: in sage under channel setup, just use the "remap to different physical channel" feature

e.g: you have "BBC World" in your channel list, look up in your .frq file which channel number it has, remap in sage to this number...

cactusbob 04-03-2008 05:58 AM

Thanks for the reply, I think it has something to do with the overrides property in the config file. I shall have a play :)

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