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Phydeaux 01-05-2009 01:35 PM

SageMC - layout files, menu files, themes etc...
I'm brand new to SageTV and SageMC. I've been searching a reading the forums quite a bit and, although I'm slowly starting to understand some things,.... I'm also getting confused on a whole new level...

I've read FAQs and Wikis... but is there anywhere I can go to look for details on the in's and out's of customizing the look and feel? I'm probably not interested in heavy customization myself, but actively want to utilize some of the things others have done and generously made available. However I really want to understand where files go and how they are used. What is a layout file, where does it go, what does it affect? Same thing for menu files, themes etc. Is there a primer on all of this? I've played around a bit and the results never seem to look like the screen shots...

Also... What do STV and STVi stand for, what exactly are they, how are custom plugins used etc.

Obviously, I don't expect anyone to write this all up for me - I'm hoping the information is already available and I just need a link.


Currently using:
Sage Media Center 6.5.6 beta for Windows
SageMC16x9 6.3.8a
Sage HD Theater STPHD-200 with 20081217-0 beta firmware

MeInMaui 01-05-2009 02:36 PM

Your best bet is probably to check out Brent's writeups at GeekTonic. See the tips and tricks sticky at the top of the forum for links.


Phydeaux 01-05-2009 04:25 PM

Will do Mike, thanks for the input.


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