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Opus4 11-04-2010 11:08 PM

How To: Add custom online video feed definitions (default STV; v7.0+)
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Note: This topic covers how to add custom online video links; to discuss custom links that you've added, see: Suggest Online Video Feeds (v7.0+)

Sample custom properties files are attached to this post showing example custom online video feeds.

Be sure to edit the custom online video properties files, or add your own additional custom files, instead of editing the original files that are installed with SageTV. If you edit and, your changes will be overwritten the next time a SageTV update is installed or when SagetV downloads updated online video files.

The attached file contains 2 files:
These properties files can be added to the <install dir>\SageTV\STVs\SageTV7\OnlineVideos directory and then used to customize the online video feeds.

You will need to use the default STV from SageTV v7.0.23 or later in order to use these properties files.

See the comments near the top of the file for instructions for adding new links. The first time you access a new link in SageTV, the titles and icon URL will be automatically created in the file, which you can edit later, if you wish. The links are listed in the UI in alphabetical order, based on the feed's property name ('FeedName').

The custom files can also be used to modify the default set of links -- if the custom properties files contain the same properties as the default properties files, the custom setup will be used instead. Just remember, if you do this, your custom setup will still override the default definitions for every upgrade install afterwards.

Additional notes:
  1. One of the changes for v7 was to extend support for externally generated feeds; see the explanation of the new capabilities in the "Externally generated feeds" section of the sample file. See the "Movie Showtimes" plugin from SageTV forum user 'evilpenguin' for an example customization using externally generated feeds.

  2. The "Weather" item on the Online Services menu is not part of the online video properties files; it is part of the STV. Weather will always be 1st in the list.

  3. The default online video properties files will automatically be updated when updates are available. If you really insist on disabling updating the default properties files, and thus missing any fixes that the properties file updates would take care of, you can chnage the option in SageTV at Detailed Setup -> Advanced -> Automatic Update Checks. Please be sure to remember that you've done this if you have problems with the online feeds in the future.

- Andy

nyc6035 12-19-2010 04:42 PM

Thanks for posting the files (with the instructions inside). Works great. I've been able to add some newsfeeds easily.

dibs 12-24-2010 09:43 AM

There is a live concert webcast I'd like to show through my extender. Not sure if I would be able to do this by adding a custom video feed, but the link for the "sample stream" is this:,...l?launchPlayer

Will I be able to do this by simply manipulating those custom files under "links" and just add the URL for the live feed when they have it available? If there is something I need to find out from the provider or an easier way to do this, please let me know as I am not a brain scientist with this stuff.


brainbone 12-28-2010 12:10 PM

Any way to add an age rating to a custom video feed that SageTV will obey (R, PG, etc.)?

Opus4 12-31-2010 08:08 AM


Originally Posted by brainbone (Post 471818)
Any way to add an age rating to a custom video feed that SageTV will obey (R, PG, etc.)?

Not that I know of, but you could use the parental control access code to restrict access to all online video features via Detailed Setup -> Customize -> Online Video options -> Online Video Access.

- Andy

jjstok 01-01-2011 05:15 AM

Online Links
Will this allow me to create links to online resources such as, TBS, etc? It would be nice to avoid drilling all the way through the PlayOn selections.


patja 01-15-2011 02:01 PM

I'm having a heck of a time trying to get this to work. Posted a support request but am checking here in case anyone else can see something obvious I am missing. I am getting exceptions in the log that seem to indicate Sage is not picking up the URL value for my custom feeds. They show up with the right labels and icons and everything, but always yield "No videos found" when I click into them. Running Windows client with the latest WHS server, Java 1.6.0_23, and the standard theme SageTV7.xml STV version

With a file named with contents:

and a file named with contents:
Source/xPodcastPat/LongName=Pats Online Videos
Category/Cyriak/LongName=Cyriak YouTube Channel
Category/Brewing/LongName=Basic Brewing Video

I get errors like these in the log (seems like Sage is not picking up the URL):

Sat 1/15 11:53:41.686 [AWT-EventQueue-0@187aeca] Online Video category selection: xPodcastPat--Brewing
Sat 1/15 11:53:41.689 [AWT-EventQueue-0@187aeca] FeedContext: Brewing/URLContext=
Sat 1/15 11:53:41.692 [AWT-EventQueue-0@187aeca] Searching Pats Online Videos for Brewing, URL:
Sat 1/15 11:53:41.695 [AWT-EventQueue-0@187aeca] processOptionsMenu optionsMenu=default:BASE-70961|OptionsMenu:Wait while video list is downloaded
Sat 1/15 11:53:41.700 [ReProcessHook@1c1d928] EXCEPTION in getValueAsObject:sage.a.e: Error in method reflection of new_java_net_URL of no protocol: for:sage_media_rss_RSSParser_parseXmlFile(new_java_net_URL(SearchURL), hand, false)
Sat 1/15 11:53:41.709 [ReProcessHook@1c1d928] setUI(sage.b6@1586edb[Online Video Search Results]) histIdx=3 uiHistory=[sage.b6@1c012fa[Main Menu], sage.b6@14e7b87[Online Services Menu], sage.b6@1f5e42b[Online Video Menu], sage.b6@1586edb[Online Video Search Results]]
Sat 1/15 11:53:41.750 [ReProcessHook@1c1d928] EXCEPTION in getValueAsObject:sage.a.e: Error in method reflection of sage_media_rss_RSSItem_getTitle of java.lang.NullPointerException for:sage_media_rss_Translate_decode(sage_media_rss_RSSItem_getTitle(RSSItem))
Sat 1/15 11:53:41.756 [ReProcessHook@1c1d928] EXCEPTION in getValueAsObject:sage.a.e: Error in method reflection of sage_media_rss_RSSItem_getMediaGroup of java.lang.NullPointerException for:sage_media_rss_RSSItem_getMediaGroup(RSSItem)

Opus4 01-17-2011 10:01 AM

The Brewing link works fine for me. But, you don't have the custom URL lines set up correctly -- see the sample custom properties files for more info, but you should use:

For the YouTube Channel link, you need to add the _YTC suffix to the feedname, not the URL. And, it needs to be a URL that returns the RSS feed that SageTV can understand. One way to do this would be to look in the SageTV log for an existing YouTube channel & then substitute the channel name you want to use; thus try using:

Or, you can overwrite the existing YouTube channels definition with your own that adds the channel you want to add:

The downside to that method is that if the original online videos properties file changes that line, it won't automatically be updated in your custom file. The advantage is that it will allow viewing multiple pages of results.

- Andy

patja 01-17-2011 07:50 PM

Thanks Andy, with your pointers to what I was missing I've got it all working now.

zands 02-02-2011 11:24 PM

I'm a bit of a dunce... can i add something like this stream through the video feed section:

actual stream:

i've been trying with webfeedencoder and have some lag with encoding, trying to see if this works at all...

thanks in advance!

bjkiller 02-18-2011 07:08 AM

may be somebody can help me to add to 'online services' section RBC TV


Live video streem


wbarber69 03-29-2014 09:42 AM

I'm about to delve into using custom feeds for the first time ever. And before I do it I was wondering if anyone already had an XML file for Revision3 content. Since the third party playon plugin stopped working I'm not able to get all the show I want to watch without using my xbox. Any help would be appreciated.

wubdich 03-31-2014 12:56 PM

I added TekZilla to my custom feed by adding the following line to in ..\SageTV\SageTV\STVs\SageTV7\OnlineVideos


UgaData 04-17-2015 07:07 AM

Performance issue creating CNET podcast feeds
I am trying to create a set files for the CNET podcast feeds.

Creating the feeds isn't a problem but the performance of the category for the feeds is. Previously, I created a new category for REV3 and TWIT feeds, both of these still work just fine. I set each of them up as a separate set of custom online feeds, 2 files for REV3 and 2 files for TWIT. I am doing it the same with CNET, which will give me 3 sets of custom feed files.

I haven't added all the CNET podcasts yet but after adding the new set of files to my Sage client, the performance of the the new CNET category brings SageTV to it knees. Everything is fine until I enter/open the CNET feeds then Sage begins to crawl, even the spinning circle of death stops spinning. Sage will eventually do something but it does take a while, a very long while. And it does remember key presses. Once in to a shows listings, it seems to be OK and the shows play fine.

But trying to maneuver through the category's list of podcasts is just a bear.

Is there a limit to the number of podcasts for a given category? (I doubt it, but .... )

Is it due to this being the third set of custom online video feeds?

Is it something to due with the thumbnails?
CNET may not like the torture of having their thumbnails pulled :rolleyes:
I originally went with the larger 1400x1400 icon but changed to a smaller 300x300, but it still didn't seem to matter - performance wise.

Or is it something completely different.

Any thoughts?

UgaData 04-18-2015 07:06 AM

Issue resolved.

I thought I had retried with a smaller icon. But, on second look, I was still using a larger thumbnail. Once the link to the smaller thumbnail was in place, the performance issue went away.

Go here to download files:

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