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bjkiller 12-11-2007 07:18 AM

HD Extender Hebrew support
Could somebody to test if new HD Extender support languages (to change file names in explorer, to make a screenshot where it's vibisle) and publish it in this thread?

Russian: имяфайлапорусски

Hebrew: שםהקובץעברי

Opus4 12-11-2007 10:50 PM

Actually, your real question is whether that text can be made to show up, not whether someone can send a picture of their system...

Do you have an MVP? If so, are you able to see that text on it? If you can, then it should work the same way on the HD extender.

- Andy

bjkiller 12-12-2007 12:41 AM


Thank you for the prompt answer.

As I know SD Media Extender show Hebrew in wrong direction (= noitcerid gnorw). that disallows to see EPG, subtitles, and music names, etc on this device and it's not in use in Israel.
SageTV Client and SageTV Placeshifter show hebrew in right way. In Israel we have very advanced market from point of cellular, computers and internet, i personally thinks that SageTV (the best product on the market) and future of home Video System, I personally in way(waiting then painting be finished) to setup SageTV+CQC with 7 TV clients system for my new house, for this purpose I purchased initial 3 HD Extenders. I have a lot of friends that wants such system, the hebrew problem with old Extender steps them down (to use SageTV Client makes whole system very expensive - nice looking PC based Extender for handle HD - $1000+VAT) and this minor problem (from SageTV point of view - if this is not resolved?) does not helps to penetrate your product in our 7M population market (like New York city)
The new HD Extender release for the year making a lot of buzz in SageTV Israeli community, people expected Hebrew support. btw: Arabic supports is similiar way like a Hebrew, it's additional 300M population.

alon24 12-12-2007 07:35 AM

Just to shed some light here.
Sage moved to correctly suporting UTF-8 a few versions ago.
When they did that, we changed the 3d acceleration to rue in the client and server, and hebrew displayed ok (as opposed to before hand when we had to flip the heberw input (flip the xml data ) in order to show it the correct way).

The MVP-1000 did not have the 3d acceleration, and so, showed the text filpped. We expect the new HD Extender to show the text correctly.
That is the difference between the old MVP-1000 and the new HD Extender, we are hopping for.

Opus4 12-12-2007 12:56 PM

I'm told that the extenders are not able to display text in reverse direction.

- Andy

bjkiller 12-12-2007 01:06 PM


Originally Posted by Opus4 (Post 251804)
I'm told that the extenders are not able to display text in reverse direction.

- Andy


Thank you for the answer.

Could you tell me where I can write feature request?


Opus4 12-12-2007 01:22 PM

Contact SageTV directly -- you can email SageTV, submit a support request, submit a bug report, etc.

- Andy

slimyosra 01-13-2009 09:04 AM

Hi All,
Any update, did you managed to see Hebrew in the right order ?

bjkiller 01-13-2009 09:12 AM

hebrew work fine at HD100, i tested it.
check - there photo.

slimyosra 01-13-2009 09:14 AM

Thank you for the quick reply :clap: , but what about the HD200?

bjkiller 01-13-2009 09:20 AM

i do not know, need to check. i do not use hebrew.

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