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snapdaddy 02-14-2012 07:14 PM

SageDCT & Hauppauge 2650 - Halts
I didn't want to hijack the Prime threads, but I have read everything I could find re: SageDCT and am wondering if the USB nature of the Hauppauge device is different enough to have its own problems, or if I should just keep playing along with the cool kids that have SD units.

Here's the situation:

Hauppauge 2650 hooked up to my Win XP machine that also hosts Sage. Everything is running fairly smoothly at this point, with the exception of frequent halts.

For example, today one of the CC tuners was set to record 6 back to back 30 minute shows on the same channel. The first recorded fine, the second had enough halts to stop the recording, and the last 4 of those recorded without incident.

I just upped the logging to verbose and will post as soon as I get another halt.

A lot of what I've read in the Prime threads has to do with NIC settings on the Sage server or the machine running SageDCT. With the 2650 being USB, and everything running locally, I'm not sure how much that has to do with me.

CPU / RAM use on the server is fine when things are recording. I've forced the CC tuners to record to their own dedicated drive for now, to reduce the chance of drive contention being a problem.

Just wondering if anyone else has any thoughts on what I might try with the 2650. Looking forward to dropping the Comcast boxes and getting some of that rental fee back.

Thanks as always -

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