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pjpjpjpj 08-07-2014 11:28 AM

Some missing features after reinstall
A little while ago I upgraded my server and thus had to reinstall Sage. Since then, some small functions have not worked. I suspect they are settings in "Advanced Settings" but I can't figure out what they are.

The biggest is a search filter: For certain searches - for example in "Music / by Artist" - on my extender, I used to be able to start typing in the artist name by using the number pad. If I hit "2", it would make everything with an A, B, or C appear. Then if I hit "3", if would give me every combination of A-B-C as the first letter and D-E-F as the second letter. It would continue to narrow down the choices as I pressed keys.

Now that functionality is gone. I press a number and it immediately jumps to somewhere in the list... but I can't even make sense of where or how it is jumping.

Can someone explain what setting it is that causes this, so I can change it back to the way it was?

Opus4 08-07-2014 11:34 AM

See the hidden features topic.

- Andy

pjpjpjpj 08-09-2014 02:22 PM

Well, I feel stupid. I've always used those extras so I just assumed it wasn't part of those. But when I turned on the TV, I just noticed the disk space bar wasn't there either... doh! Somehow the extras had gotten turned off. :rolleyes:

Thanks, Opus.

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