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srauch 06-25-2016 07:31 PM

DVD playback hiccups on HD Theater
I have SageTV Server running on a PC in my house with a SageTV HD Theater connected to my television. They are both connected by wire to my home network. I have DVDs burned on my PC in full original format (VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders). I have watched such ripped DVDs on my HD Theater for years with no trouble. Within the last month the DVDs started "hiccuping" on playback - the worst will play for 2 seconds and then pause for a second. Any ideas what might be causing this?

I thought it might be network problems or hard drive performance. However, HD over-ther-air television recordings (i.e. higher bit rates) on the same PC hard drive playback on the HD Theater without any problems. Also the computer has dual hard drives and the problems with DVD content playback persist regardless of which hard drive the DVD is stored on.

The DVD content plays back fine in SageTV on the SageTV Server computer itself. So there is no problem with the DVD content.

Thanks for any insight!

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