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peternm22 07-19-2017 10:22 AM

Placeshifter v9 Not Launching
Trying out Placeshifter for the first time since upgrading to v9. I'm using the latest Windows v9 SageTV server, and the latest v9 Placeshifter. Server is Windows 10, Placeshifter is running on Windows 7. Both using latest version of Java.

When I run Placeshifter on the remote computer (via a portable USB flash drive). It launches, and I add my server via the locator ID. Everything is found currently. I then click the server to launch it, and nothing happens. The server selection window disappears, and the actual Placeshifter window never pops up.

I checked task manager, and SageTVPlaceshifter.exe is running in the background. Just no window is being shown.

Any ideas? Does Placeshifter have a log? I couldn't find anything in the Placeshifter folder.


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