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potpiejimmy 01-26-2006 10:48 AM

TVTV and two different lineups... What can I do?
Hi.... yet another question about TVTV: I have two seperate tuning devices now, my pvr-350 and a network encoder for my digital STB.

I can receive most of the channels on BOTH the pvr-tuner and the STB, but there are lots of additional channels on my STB. So here's the problem:

I must use the TVTV service as the lineup for my STB because my XMLTV source doesn't contain all the digital channels of the STB. But using TVTV seems to make it impossible to have two different lineups for different sources. Each source uses the same channel setup and I end up having all the channels enabled for my pvr-350 even though it can't tune them (if I use TVTV for both devices).

So I'm using XMLTV for my pvr-350 which contains all the channels for it, but because most of the channels are also contained in the TVTV lineup, the EPG contains each of those channels twice - because Sage thinks they are different channel because of the completely different data sources of TVTV and XMLTV. And even worse, every favorite is double-recorded at the same time on both devices because I can't restrict a favorite to specific tuning device.

Only workaround is to disable all channels in the TVTV lineup that are also available on the pvr-350, but this is just a stupid restriction because I'm losing all the parallel recording/viewing features.

What can I do to solve this? What is this "Basic Service" and "Extended Service" good for, btw?

marneb17 01-26-2006 12:29 PM

Two different lineups are not possible with tvtv. I don't know why it is not implemented.
Basic vs. extended Service is for US epg only.

For me the tvtv data still has problems with some sit-coms.

potpiejimmy 01-27-2006 03:48 PM

This is really annoying.

If I used TVTV for both devices... Is there any way to make Sage preferably record shows on a specific device? I mean, if both devices are not in use, does Sage always use the same device like, say, the first video source that appears in the source setup ??

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