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Box8489 12-09-2006 03:03 PM

Do I have a Java problem ?
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Hi again,

I'm sorry to disturb you experts again, but I really want to learn more about Linux so I have installed a Fedora Core 6 to play with. (learned a lot already :D )

I have also installed SageTV without any obvious problems.
But when I start my Client from an Windows pc, he detects the server but says: "An exception occurred in Java: Java.lang.NullPointerException".
When I start my Linux Client at the same machine where the server is running, is the GUI completely empty.

Any idea of in which direction I should look for the problem?


joat 12-09-2006 04:10 PM

Missing Java or path?
I had similar errors when I didn't have the path set for the JRE. Assuming that you have IVTV (or whatever it is that you use to encode) installed properly:

1) Grab the latest JRE from (it might be called JSE-something).
2) Run it in your home directory. It'll create a directory called "jre-something". For simplicity, rename it to "jre"
3) Edit your .bashrc to include "export PATH=/home/yourhomedir/jre/bin:$PATH'
4) If you run the server as root, repeat step #3 for the root .bashrc
5) Try running the server and client again

- joat

Box8489 12-09-2006 05:19 PM

Hi joat,

Thank U so much.... that was it, fantastic..
Now I can move on to the next challenges :clap:


joat 02-17-2007 06:53 PM

No problem
No problem. Uh, is it me or is the clock/calendar for these posts a bit screwy?

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