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Opus4 05-26-2010 08:44 PM

Be sure to save a copy of your starting STV when creating v7 import plugins
This may be obvious to everyone, but I wanted to add a quick note that when creating a v7 import plugin, you should be sure to keep a copy of the v7 STV that you started with when creating the import. Don't just leave SageTV7.xml untouched; make a copy of it in another directory and/or rename it so that you always have the original you started with when the next beta installer overwrites the existing SageTV7.xml.

With all the changes that the v7 STV is undergoing, it is quite possible that existing imports will need to be updated when new versions of SageTV come out.

Keeping a copy of your initial STV is always something you should do, but I figured with all the STV changes happening during the beta process, it was a good time for the reminder.

And, don't forget that it is possible to drag & drop widgets from two different STVs now, provided that both Studio windows have been opened by the same SageTV instance. This can be accomplished by running SageTV in non-service mode on a server, then also running a Placeshifter UI connected to that server instance. Placeshifter clients (and all other remote clients) open their Studio windows on the server, but you can run Placeshifter on the server PC, so its UI can still be on the server PC. This can make it easier to copy changes from one STV to another.

- Andy

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