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Matt_w 01-11-2015 02:24 PM

2 x HD200 + licences
For sale
  • 2 X HD200 inc Wifi adapters
  • 1 x server licence V6 with V7 upgrade
  • 1 x placeshifter licence
  • 1 x V6 client licence

I have original emails with keys for the software - these will be provided in hardcopy. Hardware all in original boxes with remotes. Power supplies are universal with figure-8 mains lead.

Located in Australia. Can post for cost - PM for quote.

belleaudb 01-13-2015 07:14 PM

please pm me
I've been on the forum for years, but cannot pm because I don't have a high post count.

I am interested in the extenders.


Matt_w 01-16-2015 09:27 PM


Sorry for the delay, I didn't receive notification of your post. Unfortunately I can't send a PM as you are not able to receive them. Please email me at matthew(at)the-wiltshires(dot)com.


maninblack_30 01-18-2015 01:45 AM

Are these all gone?
Fraser (in Aus too)

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