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FidgetyRat 12-20-2006 08:10 AM

Mac Placeshifter issues?
I have never used place shifter until recently when the Mac version became available. I am having some problems.

1) The UI is very very slow. I see my network downloading 45+k/s for at least 5 seconds just to generate a menu.

2) My music library is pretty much un-navigatable because of (#1). Every time i scroll down to an artist not on the screen i have to wait about 7 seconds for the new menu to generate which = 1 new artist on the screen for every 7 second delay. (also at 45k/s)

3) I cannot even listen to music. I press play, the GUI shows a play symbol but the time never progresses even a second. (mp3, so nothing fancy).

4) I didn't even bother trying TV.

5) All my settings that my extender / sage use are not reflected under place shifter such as custom guide bars in sageMC. Placeshifter is pretty much acting like a new isntall. I found this strange since it works with the extenders just fine.

Anyone experience any of this?

Also for the network speeds, My server is behind Comcast Cable and my Mac is behind a T1. None of this is super critical since I probably won't use placeshifter much. Just using a new toy :) though it would be nice on occasion.

bcjenkins 12-20-2006 09:37 AM

I saw some of this on my wife's ilamp. What Mac is this on? What video card is in it?


FidgetyRat 12-20-2006 11:53 AM

its an older PowerbookG4 (1 gig).

Has an ATI chip, forget which model but is sufficient to play alot of games in 3D so its not crap.. just "older". Though i don't see how graphics card affects the network use and generation of menus and especially the lack of music playing.

bcjenkins 12-20-2006 12:06 PM

I think it has to do with how they render the screens and whether or not it is quartz enabled? I have several macs, and only one has issues. If you haven't done so yet, I would open a ticket with support.


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