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taylormadearmy 03-10-2008 07:01 AM

Audio Issues with Placeshifter
I am having audio issues with Placeshifter.

Some channels often do not have any audio - if I repeatedly change channels back and forth I will eventually get audio - but as soon as I change the channel and then go back again I may well have lost it. It seems to only happen on some channels. When there is no audio - if I login with another placeshifter on another PC at the same time - there is also no audio on that one.

I am using 6.3.10 on the server (on WHS) and have placeshifter on both an XP and Ubuntu box with the same issue. I am using Hauppauge DVB-T cards.

Interestingly if I force placeshifter to play with transcoding I get audio (even if another placeshifter is getting no audio on another PC that has transcoding turned off). Could the issue be with placeshifters Audio decoders not being happy with the audio it is getting from some channels? Is there anywhere to look at debug?

Anyone got any ideas as to what the issue may be?


taylormadearmy 03-10-2008 04:18 PM

Ok - so I think this may be something to do with channels that have multiple audio tracks (of course I could be wrong). I just was watching one of the problem channels that had no sound when I noticed that there was very occasional audio - kind of like a commentary. Any idea as to how to get the correct audio channel to play??


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