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Techoverload 09-26-2004 10:46 PM

importing an .asx stream?? possible??
OK once again thanks to all the quick responses to a noob asking question......

I have evrything up and running....decided to go with the nielm stv ... even got the maps to show my local radar for area and metro.....

And now for a new question.... is it possible in anyway to open a small window into the sage front end so that I can get a live of the local news agencies has a live .asx stream from the local twin doppler array and I would love to some how get this to display inside sage so it looks nice.

I know I could get it via just the link and letting sage open a browser window however I would like to get it so it is inside the sage program itself and doesnt open a browser window.

The link is this:
Also about the only other minor flaw I see in the nielm stv is it took away my mame. I would really like to keep this working


nielm 09-27-2004 05:35 AM

Mame should still work -- you just need to add it to you menu.xml:
or disable the use of the dynamic main menu in the detailed setup/enhancements to return to the standard main menu..

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