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paxoman 01-24-2007 01:38 PM


Originally Posted by Alfiegerner

I have ran into a problem with my new Nova T 500 dual tuner card, bought as an addition to my existing Nova-t card. The new card registers 2 tuners, one as 'Tuner (Dev1 Path0)' and the other as 'Tuner (Dev1 Path1)'. Both tuners are selectable from the SBDA Recorders settings and I can scan for channels succesfully with both tuners. However whenever I restart the application it cannot find the second tuner. Also, when trying to connect to a channel through it the debug messages show an error that the graph is not running.

I have attached a screenshot of the what it looks like when you open the settings form for the tuner at this point. Have you ran into this issue?

Any ideas or advice would be welcome.


funny u post this i got the same thing and tryed it on 2 pc so far not sure wot to do tbh any 1 help ?

hornsounder 03-29-2007 10:38 AM

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i have a firedtv dvb-c device with alphacrypt light module.
unfortunately i cannot get it past the configuration. sdba recorder scans all channels an find them all. but after pressing Ok it doesnt save a valid xml file. maybe its caused by some strange characters in the channel names. By the next start it cannot read the settings.xml.

i have attached the settings.xml. It would be nice if anyone can help me.


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