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dbritton 11-05-2006 08:16 PM

SageTV software with Hauppage MVP problems continued
I originally started with the Sage Tv Media Extender software 5.0.4. I have a wireless MVP that I could not get working with the Sage software. The symptoms were the same either wired or in wireless mode. The MVP would get to a lockup state of flashing the SageTV startup screen (a condition I see that continues to popup in this forum.

I tried the Hauppauge MVP software as a test and it worked fine. Note: Iknow that the sage server will not work with the Hauppage server turned on. Also, I obviously, had the SageTv server enabled as proven by how far I got in the boot up.

With tech support help, I installed a test/development mvp.bin file. This seems to be the application file that is loaded onto the mvp. The symptoms changed, now the mvp would start loading the application (mvp.bin) and
then the screen would go blank. Five to Ten seconds later, the mvp LED would turn off. At this point I could not turn on the mvp with the remote, the LED would flash, a quick flicker on the TV (like a black screen was being projected) and the the LED would go off again. The only way I could get out of this mode was the remove the power on the mvp.

Tech support requested a log file. I enabled the logging and cycled the mvp. Same symptoms. I did not get around the sending the log file until the next day. As I was getting around to sending the email and noticed the mvp was now working! I sent in the log file and indicated to tech support that it was now working. I thought it could be related to having logging turned on (possibly affecting the application load timing). In any event I started to enjoy my SageTv Media Extender.

After about one month of use, the mvp stopped working. I could not get it to recover. I tried the original mvp.bin, the new test mvp.bin and combinations of debug log being turned on and off. The symptom with the original mvp.bin was a flashing SageTv icon. The symptom with the new mvp.bin was the automatic turn off symptom.

I finally installed the Hauppauge mvp software and mapped the saqe recording dir to it. This gave me at least some functionality.

This morning I checked this forum to see if there was a solution. I saw one user that "got past this problem" by installing version 6 SageTv Media Center. No Go!!! It failed with the auyomatic yurn off symptom.

I'm back to using Hauppauge software until I can get past this. I cant help but think there is a problem with either the Sage application loading or the application itself.

I heard the MVP is running a small Linux kernel. Is there a way to manually transfer the sage application (FTP or something). If we could verify the mvp.bin image is present and properly installed. I think the system might work.

Any help would be GRATELY APPRECIATED!


Lucas 11-05-2006 11:51 PM

It must be very frustrating! I had similar problems with version 5. I shelved my MVP for 6 months because of those.

I also had ethernet cabling problems. Have checked your network cable to see that it is functioning fully by plugging another PC or laptop to it?

With beta 6.0.13 though, the MVP is running smoothly and boots every time. Have you tried this?

dbritton 11-06-2006 04:38 PM

It is kinda frustrating.

My network is working well. Note the Hauppauge software works every time.
The Sage software at least attempts to load the application.

I've tried beta October 13, 2006. I will double check and see if 6.0.13 is available on the download site.

Lucas 11-07-2006 03:25 AM

6.0.11 didn't have any MVP boot issues.
6.0.12 was no good as far as the MVP goes. I could not once get my MVP to boot with this version.

6.0.13 fixes that and I am impressed by the level of functionality of the MVP with SageTV.:thumb:

dbritton 11-07-2006 06:59 AM

Wow 6.0.13 works. Hopefully, it will stay that way!

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