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laurenglenn 02-19-2006 05:49 PM

Custom STV: got Dynamic menu working in Linux
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It took a little bit of modification, but I got my STV working in Linux. Mind you that it's been a while since I've worked on it, and there are quite a few noticeable bugs in it.... but it seems to work OK for now.

To get dynamic menus working in Linux:

1) Extract the JAR files from the Dynamic Menu customization at into your /opt/sagetv/app/JARs directory.
2) Follow the instructions in the FAQ to enable plugins
3) extract the files (including sagemenu.dtd) to the /opt/sagetv/usr directory. That dtd file is required for the dynamic menu function to work. (I just included my modded STV as an example)

For those with STVs in linux, I just used the following in the MainMenu:

If IsWindowsOS()
> true
> > AddGlobalContext("pth","\\")
> false
> > AddGlobalContext("pth","/")

and then used pth where ever I used to have a \\ for filenames.

There seems to be a problem with some STVs and the backgrounds. I've found that if you don't load an image, you get ghosting on the backgrounds. The pictures generally seem to need to be loaded with tiling and stretching. In this example, I just specified the files with no path. This probably would require the pictures to be in the same directory as the STV.

Also, SageLinux seems to only load STV files even if the last file you loaded is an XML file. You should just be able to rename the XML file to STV in order to make it work.


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