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coryking 02-01-2007 07:52 PM

Wire(ed/less) MVP & Mac Addresses
Just wanted to post this as a heads up. I just discovered that the Wireless (maybe the wired too) uses two mac addresses. The one printed on the back of the box, and another once it connects to the SageTV server.

If you have any kind of MAC address filtering on your router, you'll need to authorize this second one as well for things to work.

To find it:

1) Turn off mac filtering temporarly.
2) Connect the MVP to the sagetv box
3) Play a video on the MVP
4) While it is playing, go to the command prompt on the sagetv server and type:

"arp -a"

5) You'll get a list of all the MAC addresses the server knows about. Hopefully you can pick out the "real" MAC address from the list.

I see a lot of people having trouble with DHCP and getting IP addresses. I wonder if it could be related... I've got a linux server who is doing DCHP and I see from the logs that the MVP is requesting an IP address from the printed MAC address, than it requests another IP address from its "real" mac address.

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