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GoAWest 03-23-2019 11:30 PM

Updating WAN IP for Sage Placeshifter service?
Does the Placeshifter Locator Service still work given IP changes to my Sage WAN IP?

When I try to use Placeshifter from my Android Phone SageTV app using the LocatorID, it responds that it can't reach my Sage system -- at the *wrong* WAN IP. It works OK (although awkwardly, with the difficulty of manually entering the IP, login name & password) if I instead use my Sage system's correct WAN IP.

This is the same wrong WAN IP I get if I try to access:,my WAN port>&id=<my Locator ID>&r=/sage

How do I update the IP address of wherever the Placeshifter service is getting the (obsolete) WAN IP? I've tried doing something from my the Sage Detailed-Setup/Sever/Configure Placeshifter Internet Connection but it only lists info for the LAN IP & port (which is already set correctly in my router).

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