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TomB 01-30-2009 03:28 PM

Recording from 2250 video source
I put the following question in the Customizations section, but got no response so I'm trying here.

I have a Hauppage 2250, which has input for composit video and audio and I would like to "easily" record like a VCR from that input. I have configured this input as a channel (1 by default), that's not a real good solution. Being a "TV channel" the assumption is made that it's a show that appears on schedule (fixed start and stop times), which certainly is not true. Another problem is that when you "tune" to this channel Sage starts recording whether the source is where you want it or not.

Is there an add-on or something that will allow me to get my source (aka DVD video or VCR) to the desired position (previewing as you go, but not having Sage recording) and then when ready push "record" within Sage? Then when the video is over, allow me to push "stop" and end up with 1 mpeg file with the recorded video file.

Thanks, Tom

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