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jgreen1024 12-27-2021 03:32 PM

Two HD200s, one HD300
I am finally cleaning out the "electronics closet". I have one HD300 and two HD200s, all with power supplies, and two SageTV remotes (there might be a third around somewhere - I need to do more hunting). They worked when they were removed from service and still seem to power up just fine. I also have some license keys, if those are still useful to anyone.

Following a listing I saw from cat6man - I will make these available for:
1. You pay shipping from Northern Virginia (Venmo, Paypal)
2. Make a $100 or more donation to your local food bank

I have not been a SageTV user for many years now - the wife-acceptance factor of Tivo ended up winning. But I really appreciate the people on this forum for saving me on multiple occasions back in the day!


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