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fbures 12-29-2008 02:32 PM

SageTV does not see some of my playlists
I have this problem that drives me crazy:

SageTV does not see some of my m3u playlists. It sees other playlists residing in the same directory OK. I was running SageTV 6.0.n so I updated to 6.4.n, no effect. I checked the "invisible" playlists visually and I found no problems. I even ran unix2dos on those playlists both in Windows (using Cygwin) and in Linux to make sure they are in proper DOS format (control M stuff). No effect.
Yet other players like VLC can play the "invisible" playlists with no problems.
I tried to delete all playlists in SageTV, restarted it and refreshed the imported media files. All I got were the playlists that were there before. The "invisible" ones stayed "invisible". I checked the m3u files attributes and ownerships - they are all the same.
Any idea, no matter how far fetched would be greatly appreciated. I just need some kickstart the get me out of the corner :-)


GKusnick 12-30-2008 12:40 AM

Open the playlist in Notepad or something and make sure that (a) there are no weird characters in the track names, and (b) the track file paths are all accessible to Sage. For instance if the file paths use mapped drive letters, SageTVService cannot access those mapped drives.

You might also want to retry the import with debug logging enabled and check the logs for specific error messages.

fbures 01-02-2009 02:28 PM

Actually, it was much more sinister culprit than that.

Windows does not accept dot as a last character in a directory name. It quietly truncates the directory name removing the dot.
For instance directory "On My Way to L.A." quietly becomes "On My Way to LA" or "Elmira St." becomes "Elmira St".
These names were created by ripping SW from album names and the tracks were automatically put into play lists. Ripping SW did not know that Windows decided to change directory names - hence the mismatch between playlist entries and track paths.

I should bill Microsoft for the time spent troubleshooting this mess :-(


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