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FlyingDoc 05-25-2020 03:07 PM

BMT not getting fanart
I have several hundred ripped DVDs in my movie collection. I have been using Sage MyMovies for a long time to get a decent movie wall. I have recently moved my server to a linux platform so no longer can install SMM. I was looking at Gemstone to provide this fuctionality but am having trouble getting BMT to grab the fanart. All of the metadata seems to be good after I had MyMovies generate .properties files and touched all of the movie files to have Sage re-read them. However on the movie wall in Gemstone only about 10% of the movies have any fanart.

I see from the forums that at one time BMT was able to use a mymovies xml export to get to the images stored in the MyMovies database but i am not clear how to set that up of if it is even still working.

I cant seem to find a way to automatically have BMT update all of the missing fanart I have tried update metadata and refresh fanart on "All movies" but it only seems to touch those 10%. Are there some logs somewhere that might help me understand what is going on? is there a setting somewhere that might be preventing BMT from looking up most of the movies is it possible to load an older version of BMT that can read the mymovies.xml file?


wayner 05-26-2020 11:30 AM

I have had similar problems in the past. With some issues stopping and restarting SageTV cause some to show up. In some of them going into BMT and resetting the default poster works. Try changing it to another poster if there are multiple posters and then change it back. Another thing that I have found with this bug is that there will be no thumbnail poster displayed in the top right of the BMT screen but once you "fix" the problem with a new default poster that thumbnail will show up.

FlyingDoc 05-30-2020 07:31 AM

Thanks for the response. i am having some success manually editing each entry but it is taking a long time.... not sure why i cant get BMT to do it automatically but as it is a one time deal i will just keep working through the list. Knowing there was once a way to import from SMM that would have saved me the trouble is the frustrating part. C'est la Vie.

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