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VCRUser 09-05-2009 10:30 PM

Can't configure external tuner
I'm trying to setup Sage to use my external tuner (Comcast DTA DC50X) with my USBUIRT. I have the DTA going into the analog input on my Hauppauge 1600 card, and can get to the point where it asks for the external channel to use. Then it hangs. I followed the following steps:
1. Add tuner (Hauppauge WinTV 418 Videocapture)
2. Select TV Tuner, which is set to channel 3. While that preview runs, I can change the channels on the DTA and the preview changes to match, so I know the right signal is getting to the right place.
3. Use Cable/Sattelite tuner
4. Enter channel 3 in the "enter rf" dialog
and then it hangs.

I haven't even gotten to the usbuirt setup, which I understand can be tricky for the DTAs. It just won't let me finish the setup.

reggie14 09-08-2009 11:15 AM

Once upon a time I tried to hook up an STB to my PVR-250 using RF channel 3. I couldn't do it though. I'm not sure if I was doing something wrong, or if Sage doesn't support it, but I couldn't get Sage to use the Hauppauge IR blaster to do tuning when I told Sage that I was using cable with RF3.

Has anyone gotten this to work? Comcast is moving to digital cable in my area, and while I'll probably mainly use a combination of a clear QAM, firewire and HD-PVR recordings, I thought I might as well hook up a DTA to one of my old analog cards since it wouldn't cost me anything.

VCRUser 09-09-2009 01:29 AM

I finally got mine to work (mostly) by going into the usbuirt drivers archive, finding a tuning dll, and copying that to Sage's plugin folder. Then I exited Sage & stopped the service, restarted both and at last the usbuirt plugin turned up on the tuining plugins list. The usbuirt learned the codes without much trouble (hold the remote right up against the usbuirt), but I've had to fiddle quite a bit with the remote control properties/settings (forget the exact name) to keep it from tuning channel 6 when it was supposed to tune 63, 66, or 226; 57 instead of 257, etc. There are several settings to fiddle with: time between digits, time before tuning, repeat factor (not sure exactly what gets repeated), command before/after channel entry, and number of digits per channel. I have 3-digits of channels, so it seems to send at least one zero before one- or 2-digit channels. It also seemed to help to teach it the remote's "enter" command and tell it to use that before (but not after) entering the channel. I also lowered the time-between-digits and raised the time before tuning. I still get some mis-tunes, but so far I think my settings-combination is about as good as I can get it. As a result, I've set the tuner that uses the stb to the lowest priority (after 2 OTA and 1 QAM tuner). I'm also thinking that maybe my receiver is too close to the emitter: it came with a sticky receiver dongle, which I pasted right on the usbuirt emitter. I winder if that's too close for proper tuning. Lots of fiddling.

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