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cat6man 11-30-2021 07:50 PM

HD300 available

i have an hd300 available (i'm using nvidia shield with the android client--still on sageTV here)

i'll make it available for
1. you pay shipping from NJ
2. you make a $30 or more donation to your local food bank (i'll trust you).

stay safe out there everyone.


p.s. i may have 2 units, but i'll have to look around a bit. my wife is on a 'clean out the stuff you don't need anymore' binge.............most stuff, of course, i still need but i have replaced my hd300 boxes so they really can go.

contact me privately at

cat6man 12-08-2021 06:36 PM

i'm happy to announce that a $50 donation to the Houston food pantry has been made and a hd300 has found a good home.

i *may* have a 2nd one, but haven't found it yet. i've already received an email request for this second one and if the sender is still interested, it is spoken for. if that person no longer wants it, i'll re-post here.

i also have some hd200 if anyone still has a use for those :)

cat6man 12-13-2021 06:59 PM

i've just received a request for, and sent out, a sageTV remote control, of which i have a bunch now.

so, same deal if you want a sageTV remote unit, yours for postage and a food pantry donation.

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