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Opus4 11-03-2005 03:12 PM

Getting started with Studio
Studio has a bit of a learning curve before becoming proficient using it.

To get started, it is suggested that you begin by downloading the Studio PDF manual and the v7 Tutorial STV that goes along with it, as found in the list of Studio Information Resources.

Recognizing that the first impulse when playing with a new toy is NOT to sit down and read the entire manual, new users should at least go through the first two chapters, the Widget Bar on p. 61 of chapter 6, and the first tutorial + the 4 examples in chapter 8 of the manual. This should give a basic understanding of STV editing.

As you decide to learn more about the details of Studio usage and its capabilities, refer back to the manual for such things as:
  • How to interact more effectively with the Studio interface, in chapter 6.
  • Details about widgets' purpose and properties, in chapter 3.
  • The remaining tutorials in chapter 8, covering extended information about the interaction of various widgets and how to use them effectively.
  • And, finally, the various tips of chapter 9 and further information in the other chapters.

Don't forget to check the Studio API Specification for complete details on all the API calls into the SageTV core. These API calls are used to provide access to all the functionality that the core has to offer.

When trying to figure out how to do something, refer to examples of something similar in an existing STV. And, of course, ask questions in the forum. :)

- Andy

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