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Opus4 07-28-2004 09:56 PM

Utilities & How-To ideas for SageTV
Several forum members have created utilities for use with SageTV; some of them are listed below.

Remember: these utilities have not been created by SageTV. Questions regarding their usage should be directed towards the utilities' authors, either in a new thread or in the thread where the utility is presented.

If you know of a SageTV utility that is available in this forum that should be included, please send a PM. (I know there are more utilities in these forums... but I seem to have lost track of the others. So, I might as well start with a few & let the others be recommended.)

Power Management
Automatic Backup of SageTV Config Files
Control SageTV via Event Messages
Sleep Timer
Undelete Utilities (to save those accidentally deleted files)
Channel Fine Tuning
Conversion from other media applications
Mount DVD ISO files

- Andy

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