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Partial success...

I'm tired, and have to work tomorrow, so I'm uploading my work.

Check out my changes to:

I basically took advantage of the external program capability of the ffmpeg_convert and used it to copy the desired file to a directory so a vbs script I found ( could run on the directory.

That script (slightly streamlined by me) creates another script that can be read by virtualdub mpeg (the version mentioned above.)

To use, change the paths to your specs in the above files, run ffmpeg_convert, then batch.bat. And here's where I get hung up because I know virtually nothing about scripting, java, or programming.

I can't get virtual dub to automatically run the script. Tried everything and can't get it to do it, but I know it should work. Maybe I'm just tired and my computer is tired of me messing with it.

This is a very ugly solution, and I realize that. Hopefully someone that knows this stuff better than I do can streamline this.

Notice in my batch file that I rename the resulting files from .mpg to .avi. This is because of a limitation of the vbs script, since I don't know how to mess with it, or change it, this was my hackjob solution.

Oh yeah, everything included has to be in a directory with virtualdub mpeg. I didn't include it because I don't konw if I can redistribute it. I don't want to get sued. The VBS script is public domain, so do with it what you like.

I'll be checking this thread while at work, so please ask questions if you have any.

Thanks for the ground work from the STV, and the hooks guys. I'd be lost at sea without them.

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