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Originally posted by phantomfsoc
Just wondering... I lobe the skin and made my own Menu but the only thing I can't get working is MAME. I know not too many people use it, but does anyone know how to add it back in. I managed to get it into the menu but when I click on MAME it says it can't find it.
I'm not too familiar with XML so how would I go about adding in the right code?
Well, I'm not much of a gamer, but added all of the menu options to my XML file, using their Internal Screen Names from Nielm's web page.

I added "Arcade Games - TEST" this way. Note, I used the weather icon just as a place holder to ensure it worked.

title="Arcade Games - TEST"
screen="Arcade Games - TEST"/>

FYI, when I click this menu item a blank screen comes up, but I don't get an error.

I am sure others will comment .... T.
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