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Just played around with some large compressed AVIs and figured out that I can play them in Media Player Classic without the audio dropouts. So it's not directly ffmpegs problem.

What I could figure out is that the AVI Splitter built into Windows (in the quartz.dll that comes with DirectX) can't handle our recorded, recompressed AVIs properly, leading to audio stopping after a couple of seconds.

But if we choose to install a different AVI Splitter, like the one from here, everything should sound smooth.

Here is a quick link to the file : click
Unzip it and copy the from the Release folder to your \WinNT\System32 folder and run regsvr32 \WinNT\System32\ from a command prompt.
The new AVI Splitter by default has a merit of 0x00600001, the builtin one has 0x00600000, so our newly installed splitter should be used by any DirectShow application you have installed - SageTV, Meedio, Windows Media Player, whatever.

I haven't experienced any problems by using the new AVI Splitter so far, so enjoy.
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