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Using this with VirtualDub - Works Great!

First, whoever is responsible for either the stv or the ffmpeg_pickup, YOU ROCK!

I have an Archos gmini 400 and have been looking for a way to automatically reencode TV recordings to DIVX.

This solution works very well. The only problem was that I could not get ffmpeg to create an avi that worked right with the archos. Audio Sync issues. However, I replaced the Exe line of the Properties.XML with this

<Value>VirtualDub /sarchos1.vcf /p@INPUT,@OUTPUT /r /x</Value>

and it works great!

The options are /s which loads a configuration file, /p creates a job list, /r runs the job and /x closes VirtualDub

Definitely not rocket science but thought I would share my experience.

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