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Hardware Support Discussions related to using various hardware setups with SageTV products. Anything relating to capture cards, remotes, infrared receivers/transmitters, system compatibility or other hardware related problems or suggestions should be posted here.

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Old 02-11-2017, 01:10 PM
sDiesel sDiesel is offline
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hd-pvr+spdif=black screen. IT LIVES!!! no's dead.

want to record 5.1dolby digital
hd-pvr optical input works from tv(pcm 2ch stereo), optical output works as well.
directv set top box is coaxial, needed converter box to optical(qvs/monoprice coaxial2optical).
converter box works when plugged into receiver(pcm, digital is clicks - using prologic receiver).
converter box plugged into hd-pvr gives black screen in TME/sage, hauppauge documentation says no spdif signal = black screen.
ac3filter installed(needed for 5.1 recordings?????)
computer does not output hdmi video or spdif audio - headless server with hd-pvr for recording and passthrough.
cant figure out what is at fault, converter box, hd-pvr, ac3filter, etc.
do you have hd-pvr recording on optical with digital dolby?? could you please post your setup(ac3filter installed or not, what setttings used. hd-pvr drivers used. sagetv decoders used. etc).


first post, but ive been following this place for the past six months or so. figured id get back into the dvr universe(2002 with an ati all-in-wonder radeon was my first dvr dive). spent lots and lots of time researching and reading to build a system that could run sagetv/mediaportal/mythtv(settled on sagetv for a number of reasons) and a plex server.
i ended up with a system with the following specs

ibm ps/1 consultant case(because old off-white case are nerdy)
4gb ddr3 ram
3tb hdd - will support 4sata in raid at later date
dvd drive
usb wifi(not smart i know, but cheap and less cords for testing)
ir blaster to directv stb(h24)
component from directv
coaxial to optical converter for 5.1 dolby from directv
may add a hvr-1800 for ota stations(yes i know the hdhomerun is the better choice, but i need the a/v input for digitizing vhs. hd-pvr has them but will be used for directv only).

sagetv v9
hd-pvr v1.7 drivers
ac3filter(dont know what im doing with that yet, could be the major malfunction)

things have been off to a good start. computer works well and most everything seems to be working fine...till ya get to the hd-pvr(read many positive and many negative things about hd-pvr/colossus).
composite input works(for testing)
component input works
component + spdif works....ish
no spdif = black screen, as per hauppauge documentation

now ive tried a few things and feeling like im dealing with quantium theory(it's there, not there, but it's really there....and not - at the same time).

items in () are cables
directv h24 was set to output pcm and dolby digital on each connection
receiver is a OLD pro-logic with pcm2analogLR

works, but requires hdtv to stay on to record sound - comes out 2chan pcm from hdtv(from TME info)

works, but requires hdtv to stay on to record sound - comes out 2chan pcm from hdtv(from TME info)

no dice, no sound input in TME/sage.

works, pcm comes out as sound, digital comes out as clicks

no dice, no sound input in TME/sage.

works, pcm comes out as sound, digital comes out as clicks

have another dvdplayer with optical output that'll ill try and test later, but im expecting it to work no hitch ><.

at this point i have no idea what is the fault. the hd-pvr seems to have a working optical input and passthrough is working as well(pcm from tv). my thought is the coaxial2optical converter box...even though it works to the receiver. but...i also have no idea what im doing with ac3filter(more reading required) and if that could be the problem. this is a headless server, plan to use roku/firetv/etc to watch recordings(livetv isnt really our thing).

any ideas are appreciated, would just like to record 720p/1080i with some darn 5.1 dolby digital. at this point it'd be cheaper for me to get a lifetime playon sub and get 720p 2ch stereo videos. hd-pvr 5.1digital was the selling point for me ><.

thanks sagetv community.
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Old 02-11-2017, 06:12 PM
KryptoNyte's Avatar
KryptoNyte KryptoNyte is offline
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I doubt you'll get 5.1 channel audio from the TV optical output.

H24 Set top box > HD-PVR (via component HD and optical only, no converter). Make sure the H24 is set to output 5.1 channel audio via it's optical out port.

What you do with the SageTV watching after that to get the full 5.1 channel result is up to you.
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Old 02-11-2017, 06:19 PM
sDiesel sDiesel is offline
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Join Date: Feb 2017
Location: colorado
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sadly no, the hdtv is to old for 5.1 output. ive read that some of the newer tv's do, but im not looking to replace something that works.

i think you may be think of the hr24(dvr version), it has both optical and coaxial connections while the h24(non dvr version) only has coaxial =/. <=-front/rear h24(or whatever i have)
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Old 02-12-2017, 09:08 PM
sDiesel sDiesel is offline
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Join Date: Feb 2017
Location: colorado
Posts: 12
was able to fix my odd problem. dont know much about how spdif works, but i sense the clock signal may come from the component output in some way.

anyways i had the original hook-up in this form.

this ended in black screen.

picked up another optical cable for s&g's and hooked up in this form

still ended in black screen.

i knew that the optical output from hdtv worked when connected to hd-pvr, but would only do stereo pcm. so i hooked up the optical cable from the hd-pvr input to the output of the hdtv, black screen went away. took optical cable out of hdtv output and hooked it back into the coaxial2optical converter optical output, amazingly the black screen didnt come back. TME read the input as 1080i or 720p and 5.1DD or 2DD depending on channel.

inital hookup: tv must be on (video on component hooked up from stb--->hd-pvr--->hdtv), TME open, hd-pvr, stb, converter boxes all on.
stb----(rca l/r)--->hdtv----(optical)--->hd-pvr----(optical)--->coaxial/optical2prologicLR

then with everything still on/open hooked up in this form

all was good...till i changed channels, back to black screen.

my coaxial/optical2prologicLR converter has both coaxial and optical inputs, i think this item is my lil key to keeping the clock signal in loop for the spdif(if that is the problem...shooting in the dark and managed to magically hit something). but it would lose the signal on channel changes. so with some more wires in had i hooked up a y-cable to the coaxial output from stb, one end going to coaxial2optical converter and the other going to the coaxial/optical2prologicLR converter. this loop somehow is keeping everything working after picking up the initial signal from the hdtv and still keeping it after channel changes.

(used ... because (spaces) wouldnt work)


shot a rocket into space and managed to hit a star. whatever!! it works!
...unless the power goes out, then i gotta put the signal back in the loop.
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