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Old 11-23-2012, 05:09 AM
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Plugin: DVB-S Importer

I am very pleased to announce the DVB-S Importer plugin which is able to keep up to date the .FRQ files of all your DVB-S tuners.

Please note that only tuners that are configured and used natively in SageTV are supported and therefore network tuners are currently not supported.

The "KingOfSat" website is used for Europe & Atlantic satellites (75.0E-61.0W) and "LyngSat" website is used for Asia (160W-75.0E) and Americas (61.0W-160W) satellites.

The plugin is available from the SageTV v7 plugin repository under "General" tab and once installed it need to be configured properly via its configuration page.

I suggest to make a backup of your current .FRQ files and leave the "Overwrite Lineup" option to FALSE until you're happy with the results.

The update is automatically triggered at every EPG update, however you can force the update any time by pressing the appropriate button.

The lineup is updated via channel name matching mechanism, so after your first run you might notice that some channels doesn't show in the new .FRQ file and that is because the channel name in the original .FRQ file doesn't match the one in the source website, so manually updating the channel name (not used by SageTV) in the original .FRQ file will fix that and you need to repeat this operation until all your original channels are back as before.

On the source website there are some instances where channels with the very same name exists on different transponders, in this case the importer will automatically append and underscore at the end of the channel name to make the name unique. If for some reason a channel you think have the right name, but is not coming back in the new .FRQ then please add an underscore at the end of the channel name and perform a further update.

When you want to add a new channel to an existing .FRQ, simply put the new channel number, the satellite number the new channel is related to (typically 0 unless you have multiple satellites per LNB file) and the channel name separated by tabs or spaces as below:
CH:nnnn sat:X #:Channel name
then run the update again and you'll see that the tuning information will be inserted automatically for you...

If you want to add all the current available channels for a particular satellite position (without performing a channel scan) you will have two options:
  • When the .LNB file contains only one satellite definition -> Simply delete the current .FRQ file before running the update.
  • When the .LNB file contains two or more satellite definition -> Modify the current .FRQ file by adding the text below as is (copy/paste recommended), but replacing the text in red with the satellite number and in blue with the satellite position you want, finally run the update. You will see the new .FRQ file populated with the whole channels list for the given satellite position in addition to the existing lineup you might have.
    # Lineup: 0, 13.0E, 1970-01-01 00:00
To make things absolutely clear, when I talk about the channel name in the .FRQ file, that name has nothing to do with the channel name displayed in your guide, they simply not interfere with each other.

When your're happy with the new generated .FRQ files, you can safely turn the "Overwrite Lineup" option to TRUE, so that the plugin will keep the existing .FRQ files up to date for you, forever

Please use this link to post bugs and feedback...

If you find this software useful please consider to make a DONATION


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