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SageTV Github Development Discussion related to SageTV Open Source Development. Use this forum for development topics about the Open Source versions of SageTV, hosted on Github.

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Old 03-31-2019, 08:33 AM
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Problem with Movies and DVD/BD Section on 64 bit Server and HD-300 Extenders

I have a fresh install of the 64 bit SageTV server on my media server. It's installed in its own directory. This media server also has our production SageTV 32 bit (9.1.8) in its own directory, which has been running perfectly - minus shutting it down every now and then to clear the java heap.

Once I had the new 64 bit version fully setup (including plugins), I copied over the wiz.bin file, pointed the import directories to where our production shares are, and away I went.

TV portion runs fine, and music seems to be fine. The problem I'm running into is the movies portion. I have BMT installed, as well as CMT and Phoenix Fan Art installed just as I do on my old system.

I first noticed this on an my HD-300 extender. Some of the fanart posters for the movies weren't showing up, and as you scrolled down through the movies, on every page, there is a spinning circle for about 10 seconds per page. As you move down the list, the spinning circle takes longer and longer.

On the off chance that there was some sort of plugin issue, I disabled CMT, Phoenix Fanart, and BMT, and went back into the DVD/BD menu.

With no fan art plugins, Sage natively will try to read a folder.jpg file in the bluray disk directories as a poster for the movie. Otherwise it just loads the first image in the movie file as a poster. Again scrolling through the list of movies, though I wasn't getting as much spinning circle, it is taking Sage quite a while to replace the Bluray and DVD logos with an image or poster from the folder.jpg files. Sometime a few minutes.

Once you've scrolled to the bottom of the movie list, and then scroll back up (either with native SageTV or with plugins enabled), posters it had already found, now its looking for some of them again and there are delays again scrolling back up.

I went to the server's built in client (with the fanart plugins re-enabled), and though nearly all the Phoenix fanart shows correctly, again there are spinning circles between pages of movies loading, and once you have let them load as you scroll to the bottom of the list for movies, scrolling back up, it is again trying to load posters and backgrounds again after having already displayed them once.

I have about 350 BD/DVD's in Sage, so not what I would think is a huge amount.

I'm going to have to switch back to 32 bit 9.1.8 at the server for now as the movies section is unusable for the family.

It almost seems like the system is starved for resources and unable to cache the thumbnails for the movie posters.

I had already before I started increased the java heap. Wasn't sure what I could increase it to. I set it at 2048 decimal, though on the server and extenders it says the max is 1909. It says currently I'm at 888MB/1229MB/1909MB. I find those numbers kind of surprising considering I can run 3 HD-300's withing the confines of 32 bit java with all of the fanart plugins with no issues.

I vaguely remember something similar to this happening many years ago wrt to slow loading thumbnails when version 7 first came out. I think at the time SageTV support had me increase a thumbnail generation cache or something? That was like upteen years ago, so no idea if that's why my original 32 bit server is running without issue.

Would like very much to use the 64 bit version, if someone can suggest what might be going on.

Was going to try the 64 bit client on my Win 10 PC to see how it behaved, but the install failed, but that's another thread...

Interestingly, running my 32 bit client at 9.1.8 against my 64 bit server at 9.2.1 and the Movies BD/DVD area runs perfectly - but then again I think with the windows client, all of that processing for fanart (other than pulling the fanart from the server share) runs local...

Would appreciate any suggestions. Was going to try to keep the 64 bit install as a fresh go of it, but maybe I'm going to have to install it on top of my old 32 bit install...

Server: Win 10 Pro 64 Bit, Intel i5, 8 GB, Samsung EVO 850 500 GB for OS, WD Black 4 TB + WD Black 1 TB for Recordings, WD Green 2 TB x 1 and WD Red 6 TB x 2 for DVD/Bluray Rips, Music, Home Movies, etc., Sage, HDPVR x 2, BellTV 6131 Receiver x 2, USB-UIRT with 56 KHz Receiver

Clients: PC Client x 2, HD-300 x 4 (1 Using Netgear MoCA Coax Bridges), Placeshifter x 1
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