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Gemstone for v7 This forum is for discussing the user-created Gemstone custom interface for SageTV.

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Old 09-11-2012, 12:05 PM
Dargason Dargason is offline
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Grouping in flows

Ok, I'm not posting an issue on this because I don't know if it's a real issue or just user ignorance. But here's the behavior I'm seeing.

I'm trying to set up a flow for TV shows that mimics the sageTV recordings menus. Specifically, The first level should be grouped by shows, and a second level grouped by season, and then the shows in the third level. If a show has only one season, then I'd like to skip directly from the first level to the third level.

So I set up a flow (sage flow, I think, but it probably doesn't matter) and I go into the level one group options for the view, and I pick "group by show", and then for the level 2 group options, I pick "group by season". This works fine, except that it shows me a list of seasons to pick from, even when there is only one. So I select "promote single children" (or whatever it's called) in the level 2 grouping.

This gets me close to the behavior I want. If I have multiple recordings in multiple seasons of a show, it gives me a menu to pick the season. But there are some circumstances where it isn't quite right. If I have 2 seasons with one recording in each, it still skips straight from the show selection to the recordings. And if I have 2 or more recordings in only 1 season, it still asks me which season I want to watch.

Is this a bug or something I'm not doing right? (Note that my details may not be 100% accurate... I found this out last night and forgot to post, so I'm going by my aging memory.)
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Old 09-11-2012, 02:26 PM
jusjoken jusjoken is offline
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Not a bug... but you are correct in that what you are looking for does not exist yet. The Promote Single Item group option takes folders that contain only 1 mediaitem and brings it up to the level above... close, but not really what you want as you want selective grouping... basically a grouping level that is skipped if there is only 1.

I think it can be done.... so add an item in the issues log and we will look at an enhancement.

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