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Old 06-04-2020, 02:01 AM
LeonardRenner LeonardRenner is offline
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SageTV shutting down

Best coolers for camping, how to choose? 10 important things

If you are a person who likes being outdoors or adventure trips, coolers or ice chests must be favorite items. However, how to choose the right one for your trip? which are the best coolers on the market now? Well, if your friends or your wife told you to look for a suitable one, this might be a hassle.

From soft-sided coolers to hard-sided coolers, small sizes to medium sized coolers.

and very big sizes, is there anything else you must take into account? Let's go through our article and you will know how to find the best coolers which suit your needs the most.

To choose the best coolers , you will have to consider many different factors. However, we have spent lots of months researching coolers and ice chests . Now, we narrow down the most important things that most people tend to look at.

1. Purpose

Coolers with many different types. They are made to work well with different purposes. How will you use the cooler?

Good small coolers can be the best fit for personal use, packing a lunch in a smaller cooler rather than in a large one. On the other hand, for an adventure trip, a firm cooler seems to be much preferred. You should think about the suitable cooler, for example when going fishing on the water, it will be different from hiking.

However, there are a number of coolers which made to be for general purposes. This is really good news for those who look for the best coolers with multi-purpose use.

2. You personal preferences

When picking a cooler, it is necessary to consider your personal preferences such as lifestyle and body. The cooler that you are going to buy might have good features and performance.

But it should not too heavy to carry along on trips without a car seat or wheels so this type of cooler not suitable for you. If you buy a cooler for a woman, you should think about the color she likes or even the design. Some coolers are designed in a bag shape which is quite fashionable.

3. Cooler size

Using a cooler with which is not a suitable size is a waste. You will need to put more ice inside the cooler and carry a heavier cooler. The cooler isn't large enough which also makes your stock of food and drink insufficient during your trip or outdoor games.

Therefore, this is an extremely important thing about coolers. The best way to determine the right size for most of your normal trips is to consider how many people will take part in it.

Then, you need make a plan for the menu, buy food and drink, stack and estimate or measure it. This tip just takes time at that moment but will be effective for using your cooler in the long run. For a family or a few friends, normally people will look for the cooler in 20-quart to 50-quart range.

4. Portability

On the market now, most of cooler brands tend to increase the portability of their coolers. This seems to be a must-have feature, not an additional feature as it used to be. You will need to transfer the cooler from this place to another, needs to sit in the car or on a bike throughout the trip. Therefore, a cooler with a handle or wheels can help you carry it, pull or push it around more easily.

5. Features

At the same price range, another cooler might have additional features. For example, some coolers will have extra spaces like a side bag or top bag, then you can store dry things. Sometimes, a cooler also may come with some accessories like a bottle opener, or a small knife to store things inside conveniently. Maybe a cooler that can turn into a tray or mini table can also be a good idea.

So why don't we pick one with different useful features? The fact of the matter is that you need to know about many coolers in order to make a comparison. Let us give you a tip - you can read ice cooler reviews . These articles often pick the best rated coolers and compare them for you. Then, you just need to spend around 30 minutes to go through.

However, please note that although we should look for a cooler that has many features, don't forget to consider whether it is easy for you to use.

6. Price

The price is a big factor that you will face when deciding which is the best cooler for your purposes. If you do not care much about money, the more features that are added, the more durable the cooler material will be, and it will be a wise choice.

However, if you have a tight budget, you should focus on which are the important things you need in your cooler. Well, now you need a cooler which is not only good at features but also good for the money.

7. Easy to clean

After using a cooler for many days will need to clean it because the ice, food and drink can emit an unpleasant smell or even form mold. Some coolers are designed with a smoother surface and are easy to clean with just water or a wet towel.

8. Ice retention

Ice retention is another important factor of a cooler. Some coolers are constructed with thick sides or may be filled with dedicated foam inside that delivers longer ice retention. You should review it thoroughly because it will affect the preservation ability of things inside the cooler.

9. Cooler time

How long can the cooler keep food or drink cold? If you often go on long trips, the cooler should match this requirement. If you just go out for a day, almost all coolers should suffice.

10. Durability

Coolers are made from different materials. However, for more durable materials, you might need to spend much more money. Consider how frequently you expect to use it. You also can extend the lifetime of your cooler by cleaning it and storing it properly.


Coolers come with many benefits which help you have a great time with your friends and your family as well. Please note that in some cases you might need to consider other factors that depend on your purpose of using a cooler or personal reasons but not much.

Besides, some people are choosing a cooler based on famous brands or their reputation on the list of top rated coolers for camping. We hope this article helps you in some way and would love to answer any cooler questions that can help you make a decision.


Read More:


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Old 06-05-2020, 10:15 AM
KeithAbbott KeithAbbott is online now
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Are you running SageTV as a service?
Server: MSI Z270 SLI Plus ATX Motherboard, Intel i7-7700T CPU, 32GB Memory, Unraid 6.9.2, sagetvopen-sagetv-server-opendct-java11 Docker
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Old 06-05-2020, 12:11 PM
wnjj wnjj is offline
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Next time you find it shut down, grab the sagetv_0.txt log file and also look for any recent timestamped hs_err_pid* files. The first is the SageTV log file that will show what it was doing when it crashed. The second comes from the Java engine.

Years ago there was an issue with poorly-formatted photos that would crash when they came up for display on the screensaver.
Windows Installer
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Old 06-12-2020, 02:50 PM
jptheripper jptheripper is offline
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i began having this problem today after installing the latest windows update
Gigabyte GA-MA770-DS3/4gb DDR2/AMD Phenom 955 3.2ghz Quad Core
Windows 7 64bit Home Premium
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all in a beautiful Antec 1200
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Old 06-12-2020, 02:51 PM
jptheripper jptheripper is offline
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when it happens to me, sagetv service "thinks" the service is still running. but all my hd300s stop being able to connect. killing process, stopping and starting, nothing will allow them to connect except a windows reboot
Gigabyte GA-MA770-DS3/4gb DDR2/AMD Phenom 955 3.2ghz Quad Core
Windows 7 64bit Home Premium
Hauppauge 1600/1850/2250/colossus/2650(CableCard 2 tuner)
8tb RAID5 storage/media/other &3tb RAID5 backup storage on a HighPoint RocketRaid 2680
1tb 3 disk Recording Pool
all in a beautiful Antec 1200
HD100/HD300 extenders
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